Thinking is Overrated


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Thinking Is Overrated

Have ever wanted to switch off your brain and give your mind a rest? Are you sometimes just tired of thinking all the time? Would you like to mentally relax and be calm and rational more of the time?

Of course you would and so would we all. The secret is to stop thinking so much. That may sound obvious and easy but it does require a little effort – and thought! Somebody once said: ‘I think therefore I am’ meaning that consciousness or thought was a sure sign that we exist. Well, it is of course but whoever it was actually had it round the wrong way.

In fact, we are therefore we think. It is a natural human process, resulting from our large brains and high intelligence. We can’t help it. In some ways we are more intelligent than we need to be for much of the time and all that spare brain power can take over, desperate to be active and used. It even keeps going when we are asleep, working ceaselessly to bring order to our chaotic subconscious through our dreams.

The first thing we need to understand is that our mind is our servant, not the other way round. It is just another sense, like touch and taste, and can be used selectively, when and how we decide. Therefore, it can also be trained to do what we want. It can be trained to be quiet.

How? Well, we have all done it many times; when we are relaxed,  watching or reading something absorbing, sitting on the beach with a drink listening to the waves lapping, stopping and just smelling the flowers. That feels so good for us doesn’t it? But how did we do it?

All we did was to let our thoughts go. We let our mind go quiet, which it will if only we allow it to. Try sitting comfortably and quietly, relaxed. Do not try to empty your mind; that is not the point nor the way. Let your thoughts come, check them out objectively, perhaps decide what you will do about any issues which arise and then simply let them go. You can even talk to them and tell them to go please! By the time you have allowed your thoughts access, processed them and then let them all go, you will end up with a calm, empty mind by default!

You will discover that for most of the time there is simply no need to think, or to think so intensely. You will also discover that much of our unhappiness and stress arise not because of what is happening to us: it is because of the way we think about what is happening to us. We call it Worry and it is utterly unnecessary and pointless. It is another mind trick which we have invented with which to torment ourselves. Isn’t it? So please think less and when you do think, be objective and prioritise your resulting actions. Think about and do only the important things. Repeat the process when required. Manage your mind and control your thinking. Be in charge. It is simple, painless and it really works.







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