Telephone Skills & Communication Training

NormanW-0011Good communication skills are very important in our working and personal lives and providing training for them is a natural addition to my life coaching practice. For most of us, getting on with other people is crucial if we are to enjoy life to the full. Sooner or later, at one level or another, we all need to communicate! The better we become at it, the more we can fulfil our own objectives in life. There are many ways to communicate in this digital age, but talking and telephone skills still have a crucial role.

Setting up and running my own management consultancy business taught me good telephone communication and technique out of necessity. I had to use the phone skilfully and professionally to earn a living! When I trained and practiced as a life and careers coach I learned how to use the phone to build empathy and relationships with people. Efficiency and empathy do go together and they make a very powerful combination. Efficiency plus Empathy will bring you the kind of results that you want in your job and your life. I know from my personal experience of selling, negotiating, managing and coaching, that talking with skill and building relationships really work.

You must begin to build good relationships with people before you try to get what you want from them. To do that it really helps to know something about yourself and each person you deal with. Remember that people will all be different and if you want to relate to them, it is up to you to adjust your approach to make them feel as comfortable as possible with you. Knowing yourself will help you to know others and my telephone skills training will show you how.

My telephone communications skills training provides both excellent procedures and basic relationship building techniques. You will learn powerful telephone skills and methods that are new to you. You will correct the bad practices that are wasting your time and money. Everything in the course is proven and  practical and you can use it all now, in the way that suits you. If you are nervous about using the phone, knowing what you are going to say will encourage you to just pick it up and use it naturally. If you are already a phone user, you will learn to use the phone smarter, not longer and the results will be amazing!


Why do Telephone Skills Training?

Skilful use of the phone is still one of the best ways to establish and maintain sociable and productive relationships with other people. These relationships in turn are the bedrock on which we build all kinds of successful transactions and get what we want. It is good to talk.

Getting the most from your phone conversations will bring you tremendous long term benefits. Here are ten great reasons for completing my course.

1.    A major, immediate increase in genuine results from using the phone, for whatever reason you use it.
2.    Much, much better results for no extra cost, or at reduced cost.
3.    You will learn to use the phone smarter, not longer. You will take less time to get more of what you want.
4.    Learn how to make calls which are not only cheaper and quicker, but also much more interesting and enjoyable.
5.    You will use the phone efficiently and specifically to reduce or completely eliminate travelling and visiting.
6.    You will learn a fantastic life skill, that is speaking skilfully to other people in order to build friendly and productive relationships.
7.    You will learn to establish and achieve SMART goals, for your day, your week or your year. Also, for your life!
8.    You will gain insight into your own and others’ personalities and how to relate to them. Knowing even a little about yourself and others will improve your life.
9.    You will overcome the major and common aversion to using the phone, especially when asking for help and approaching business contacts.
10.     Last but not least you will develop your self-awareness and self-confidence and get rid of your worry and stress – for good!

Talking builds the best relationships

The course is tailored to your own circumstances and telephone use. It is modular, practical, interactive and fun. Contact me now for a complementary, no obligation assessment of your needs.