Personal Coaching & Mentoring

personal-coaching-mentoringYour personal life is dictated by your values and what means most to you, whether or not you understand what these are. By finding out what they are you can make a list of ‘must haves’ for yourself. You can then work through them in order to include as many as possible in your life. You can also finally reject anything which is holding you back! I have successfully been through this vital aspect of personal coaching many, many times with clients and I will take you through it too. The results are always amazing and truly motivating!

A common coaching definition is ‘helping you to get from where you are to where you would like to be’. That’s very true but the problem is understanding where you are, not to mention knowing where you would really like to be!

Personal coaching with me will give you the answers to both questions, I promise. We will go on a logical and fun journey of exploration. Also, this is a journey which will not take too long. We start from now and move forward as quickly as you wish. We finish when you feel that you have what you need.

My personal coaching and mentoring deals with a wide range of situations which are troubling people. We will deal specifically with yours. I do not know what that is yet, but it could be your career or job or a loss of confidence in yourself. These are often connected, because discomfort at work, for whatever reason, is extremely stressful and destructive Stress is a big issue these days and I deal with it by helping you to remove the cause of it from your life.

Find out where you stand in your personal life

So which areas of your life are you not happy with? I will send you a simple check list which will show you! Contact me now, in confidence and with no obligation.