Colour Your World

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Colour Your World

So you think it doesn’t matter what colour clothes you wear, or the colour of your wallpaper or your website? Well, actually, it does. A lot.

There is a psychology of colour which, though subconscious much of the time, is very powerful and strongly affects how people feel about you. If you want them to feel better about you and more importantly if you want to feel better about yourself, you need to check it out.

Most of us have favourite colours. Unfortunately, although we may like them, they may not like us. There is no doubt that some colours really enhance our appearance and some simply degrade us! For example, red is high energy and draws attention. Is that who you are? Or are you more green, natural, calm and compassionate? Yellow is uplifting and clarifying and encourages clear thinking. Blue is safe, honest and trustworthy. Is that the impression that you mean to communicate? Or are your colours sending completely the wrong messages?

Using the right colours personally and in business will literally revolutionise your image and with it, your life. Please do not take them for granted. They are far too important so think about them and make the most of yourself!

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