Career Change

career-change-coachingCareer advice and counselling are very important in making the right choices. This is especially true when you are at a crossroads in your working life and do not know what to do for the best. You could be frustrated or bored by your work, under too much pressure, going back after a break to raise a family or after an illness, or looking for work after redundancy. You might be wondering whether to start up on your own, or to wind up a business and go back to employment! Retirement scares many people but it could be the opportunity to make that career change you have wanted for years. If it is a problem for you we can find out what you can do with all the extra time!

If you are at a crossroads and seeking a career change, you owe it to yourself to consider your options very carefully.
Career change is a big issue for anyone. So what do you really want to do? Are you the type of person who can actually do it? How risky is it – for you? Careers coaching and mentoring will help you to find out. They are enormously helpful in clarifying your career options and focusing on a realistic solution.
Careers coaching in particular will reveal the type of person you are and what you really value in life. If you think about it, what you value in life subconsciously moulds what you actually do with your life, doesn’t it? If you can find out what that is, it will make career counselling, advice or mentoring much more meaningful.
Remember that you are looking for a job or a business which reflects who you are and how you want to live. We do work to live – not the other way round! So, who are you and how do you want to live and work? How does that effect your career change? All the career guidance in the world will not help unless you find out.

Your career needs to include the things you value most

Contact me now and I will send you a simple complimentary exercise which will show you where you stand on Values. It will help you with your career change, it is fun and you may be surprised about what really matters to you.