Are you a lazy man?


Have you given up the will to live, physically, emotionally or spiritually, perhaps because you are confused about your purpose in life? Is it depressing you? For men, especially of a certain age, it can be difficult to find a middle path between traditional and modern male expectations.

Traditional usually means strong, supportive and caring, but not too emotional and with hard wired expectations of acquiescence by partner and family. Modern implies a lot more equality and real sharing, not only of the everyday jobs like cooking and shopping, but also of emotions and feelings.

Well, all is not lost. The laziness I am referring to stems from expectation which may now be obsolete. You just need to think about and actually itemise what it is you have come to expect from others and take a long hard look at the list. It is partly a generation thing, with you older guys inevitably stuck with the examples and habits inherited from childhood. The younger ones have had different role models, marketing and possibly more money, and the women they grew up with are a very different and independent breed.

So, make that list and consider changing one thing there. What would happen if…Go for it and begin to get your life back.

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