A New Year Objective

I prefer objective to resolution. It seems to me more definite somehow. Resolving to do something often leaves too much room for prevarication. You can even argue that a first objective would be to make no more New Year resolutions; just set an objective and get on with it while your motivation is strong and fresh. Why not by-pass the resolution stage altogether?

The thing with objectives is not to have too many at the same time. That is the main cause of failure to deliver. In fact experience teaches you that the more big objectives you have, the more likely you are to complete none of them satisfactorily! So how about beginning with one? When that works out, as it will of course (let’s get positive about this), you can trade on your success and set up another one. You may even end up running more than one concurrently.

Start with one. What will it be? My objective is to write something every day, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the writing course which I bought five years ago, repeatedly put off starting and began last year! That in itself is a great idea: starting slowly. The first instruction with this course is simply to acquire the daily writing habit by composing 100 -150 words on anything which occurred to me, something which I saw or happened, on a daily basis. It is amazing how the most everyday occurrence, feeling or observation can provide a fertile base for a small slice of real creative satisfaction. This blog is my commitment for today, my first effort of the New Year.

Yours can be anything. Anything. I saw a lot of people out running at the weekend and with respect I think many of them were out for the first time. A New Year objective to be fitter and develop a healthier lifestyle? This is a popular choice of resolution which often ends with the first rain on your run morning, or with the realisation that this will actually require some effort!

Whatever your new objective, do not attempt the impossible. Do what you can, do it regularly and what you can do will mysteriously increase. Take a long term view. If your objective is fitness – a wonderful ambition, among many – and you have never run before, guess what? The first few outings will be interesting and enlightening…You will not run five miles. But if you take it steadily you may manage half a mile. If you run every few days that will soon become a mile. In a few months you may be running your first 10 kilometre event, with a few hundred others who had the same New Year objective!

The secret of success is a simple one. Think about it carefully and decide on one thing that you really want to do. Really want to do. Obtain help and advice. If you need a book, course or a plan, get one – the first mini-objective. If you know someone who has achieved the same objective, ask them how they did it! As they say, do not reinvent any wheels. Remember that almost anything that you want to achieve has been achieved before. Furthermore, remember that if they can do it, so can you! Good luck and a very successful and fulfilling 2016.

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